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STM Travel News - February 2020

February 19, 2020

Join us as we demo the newest features of Short's Travel Management's proprietary booking tool, Short's Travel Online. Enhanced features include priced search by schedule, branded fares, rail, Southwest wanna get away content, trip cart, and MORE. We look forward to an interactive session to showcase our newest corporate travel booking experience.

All Travel Talks are free, but space is limited so don't wait!

Logistics Tuesday, February 25th 12 pm CST



Manage and Minimize The Impact

of Flight Disruptions

Short’s Travel Management is partnering with Lumo to provide flight delay and cancellation notifications to our clients to ensure the best travel experience.


Customized Notifications Includes initial itinerary track confirmation, missed connections, gate changes, delays and cancellations including potential alternative flight options

Navigator Gives clients a future look at travel including a consolidation of predictions allowing a proactive approach to managing potential travel disruptions for VIP & large group movement

Spotlight Analyzes historical disruption data to be used for forecasting future travel needs and optimizing airline vendor negotiations

Please contact or your Account Manager today for more details and pricing!

Coronavirus and Flu: Will Air Travel Make You Sick?

With flu season in full swing and the COVID-19 outbreak making the headlines daily, many people wonder: Is flying on an airplane going to make me sick?

Experts say maybe, but only if you are unlucky enough sit in close proximity to someone who is already sick. More

United Airlines already suspended mainland China flights

On January 31, 2020, United Airlines announced that they’re suspending all flights to mainland China, including to Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.

These cuts are planned for February 6 through March 28, 2020, though obviously have the potential to be extended, depending on how the situation evolves. More


The REAL ID Act establishes minimum security standards for license issuance and production and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for certain purposes driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards. The purposes covered by the Act are: accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft. More

Rideshare Tip

Both Uber and Lyft post advice on their websites and also offer safety features in their apps, but here are a few more suggestions from experts to stay safe while in a ride share. More

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