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Clients receive exceptional customer service.

next level Agent efficiencies 


Smartpoint improves agent processes, incorporates point and click into seat selections, pricing entries, vendor details and more. Accommodates agents skillsets with preferred system format recognition. Smartpoint includes more robust hotel options and access to enhanced content within the reservation system. Step-by-step exchange process that is intuitive and easy for an agent to use, quick automated pricing results and exchange completion. 


Custom Trip quote through Travelport allows our agents to customize trip quotes that they are sending for Air, Car and Hotel availability. Trip Quote allows our agents filtering capability to include specific filters, time parameters and constraints as well as vendor filters to quickly apply traveler preference in any options that will be returned. Agents are able to source options by costs and preferred vendors in a quick and easy to use process that most importantly is clear for our travelers to view, understand and make a selections.


STM has always supported UATP for clients based on agency conversion or funds provided by the airlines to mitigate unused tickets. Historically, this has been a manual process for the agents to utilize the UATP Card. However, with COVID impacting travel, STM has created an automated process to manage UATP airline funds for clients. Individual travel bookings. (Automation not valid for group travel)


Smartpoint Amtrak plugin provides efficient and direct booking access to Amtrak trains. Our agents do not need to rely on 3rd party tools or leaving their system to book your trains. they can book directly within their system and apply your traveler information all within the reservation system, saving significant time to reserve and reduce any chance for manual or missing information error. Additionally, this tool supports direct entry to modify or cancel your Amtrak reservations.


Pricing Record Builder (PRB) agent tool facilitates the manual process of creating pricing records and enables the storing of ticket data in a single or multiple passenger reservation.


Clear, concise ability to email and display flight options generated automatically from agent system. Recently updated to allow sharing rental and hotel options.


Time Savings = 5 minutes.


TravelMate directly integrates with our agents' system so when your teams are entering their roster information, and team contact information, your agent is able to pull that information into their booking system with automation. This ensures accuracy with a drastic time savings in the booking process. allowing your agent to get your team information to you sooner and focus efforts on other planning for your trips!


Time Savings = 20 minutes.


Issuing and invoicing group charges can be time consuming and tedious. Our application allows the agent to input ticketing information in one place with added ability to copy like for like information to expedite process where possible. Once that information is entered the application will generate each invoice within the reservation saving any manual attention along the way.

Time Savings = 20 minutes.


Booking builder brings our low-cost carrier, non reservation system participants into the agents system so they can easily integrate searching and booking using our company and traveler information. There are no manual entries searching and booking these airlines using the Booking builder process.


Time savings = 5 minutes


For our clients that have dependencies for their departments and credit cards, we have customized applications to pull data into the reservations and allow the ability to easily update and accommodate as these details can change.


Time Savings = 2 minutes


Automates the standard manual process, eliminating rebook penalties and potential for any missed savings or miss priced changes. Saves time in quoting changes with instant reprice.


Time Savings = 5 minutes


Our agent application to input cars and hotels booked outside of their system saves them from any manual effort and potential for manual entry errors. saving time and ensuring your reservation and reporting accuracy.


Time savings = 5 minutes


Groundspan allows our agents direct access to booking limo and black car services without having to search on a website. Our agents can search, quote and book within minutes verses multiple manual searches for best pricing, calls, booking and waiting on confirmations to generate information to our travelers. It's all in one place with Groundspan.


Time savings = 15 minutes


Service+ is incorporated into our agents booking recap and file finishing so all value added services and savings opportunities are recorded and transmit for tracking and reporting these efforts that only a travel management company can provide!


System reminders for our agents to complete reservation components by their deadlines- remind me when to assign seats, group deadlines to submit names, utilization and ticketing dates for groups.


Our agents utilize ATC, Auto Ticketing Companion to complete all reservations. ATC is built to recognize your company set up and requirements to accommodate and QC for any required reporting fields, your program attachments as well as any approval processes in place.

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