TravelMATE was designed to streamline every process our client’s management team, travelers and travel arrangers utilize within their travel experience. All traveler profiles are housed in TravelMATE and provides travelers and travel arrangers a one-stop-shop to manage all of their individual requirements. 



Online Booking Tools

STM also offers Concur Travel, the industry's most comprehensive and innovative online corporate travel booking tool, delivering the broadest selection of travel content. Concur Travel gives you total control of your corporate travel program by delivering the travel content your business travelers need while providing policy enforcement, robust global capabilities and increased visibility through real-time reporting.

STO (Short's Travel Online) is our proprietary online booking tool, providing travelers a simple, easy-to-use tool for booking a wide array of air, rail, hotel and car reservations. Developed in-house by STM in 2009, STO has evolved with the industry as an innovative, secure and affordable booking tool exclusively for STM clients.



SAP Concur


FindIt is an industry exclusive browser extension that allows corporate travelers to search their favorite top consumer travel sites to find flights or hotels of interest. Once travelers find flights or hotels they want, they are easily redirected to that exact selection in the corporate booking tool for purchase within the travel program. Travel program adoption and compliance have never been easier!

Mobile Solutions

Your travelers can enjoy the convenience of booking their travel, and/or managing their itineraries through STM using an array of mobile solutions.

  • STO Mobile

  • Concur Mobile

  • TripIt

  • TripCase




Hotel RateChecker

Whether you book through STO, Concur or an agent, we will automatically capture 100% of your GDS hotel bookings, shop daily for better rates, notify you when savings are found at the same hotel and rebook automatically.


TwoPlus, STM’s proprietary dashboard, identifies when two or more travelers are on the same flight or headed to the same destination. Knowing this is critical to travel managers for risk management, cost avoidance and policy management, TwoPlus makes it easy to drill down to reservations to see who is traveling together and save on ground transportation.


Look BEFORE you book! CouldYou helps travelers search for the best day to fly before confirming their meeting dates. Prior to completing the reservation process, the traveler will be presented a calendar showing less expensive days to take the exact flight! Travelers can select the cheaper option directly from the calendar and complete the booking process. Potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

Grasp Reporting

Grasp Reporting is a data on demand, real time, web-based management reporting tool that includes over 700 standard reports and 30+ dashboard reports. STM's standard reporting package includes reports that can identify spend by category, vendor, department and traveler as specified for airlines, rental cars and hotel bookings. All reports can be filtered and provide drilled down capability options.



STM understands the importance of keeping your travelers safe and knowing where your travelers are during any type of crisis. We have developed a robust proprietary solution, SafeTRAC (Travel Risk Awareness & Communication), which is comprised of three powerful components: AlertThem, FindThem and MessageThem. 


An automated alert messaging system enabled through a 3rd party vendor that identifies alerts based on criteria and urgency set by the recipient. 


FindThem will allow you to search in real time by date, location, travelers, flight specific detail and/or keywords and quickly and efficiently locate your travelers across the globe.


Once travelers have been located, communicate with travelers directly via text message or email to ensure they are safe.



STM’s proprietary registration tool, PlanningPoint, is an online, state-of-the-art event registration system. It provides vital details to participants while collecting the data necessary to anticipate needs and guide decision making for any type of event.



STM is partnering with Lumo to provide flight delay and cancellation notifications to our clients to ensure the best travel experience.

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