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Our Mission

To enhance the experience of getting there, being there, and coming home

Established in 1946, Short’s Travel Management (STM) is a family-owned, women-owned, private corporation. We are sports travel experts specializing in team travel, recruiting travel, group hotels, bus charters and air charters servicing hundreds of athletic departments each year. We move more student athletes than any other travel management company. STM’s mission is to enhance the experience of getting there, being there, and coming home.  

The STM team strives to make team travel easy, drive innovation, provide excellent service, and display teamwork, passion and dedication throughout the lifetime of our relationships. STM works with clients to customize travel programs to create efficiencies and maximize the value of our products and services. 


When you win, we all win; on the road, at the event, in the air, away from home, at rest.

We Are the Team Travel Experts

We work hard to ensure our team of specialists in commercial air, charter air, ground transportation, and hotel arrangements are the best in the industry!


We’re There When Needed

When your teams are on the road, we’re following you and ready to assist in any type of disruption.


We Make Team Travel Easy 

We take ownership of the complexities of travel and make it easy, so you can better focus on your athletes.

We Don’t COA

When things don’t go as expected, we work with customers to make it right, and put measures in place to avoid it happening again.


We Love Purple Carrots

We love surprising cool clients with cool tools and services.


We Satisfy the Customer at a Profit

We price our services to allow for financial stability that enables us to maintain talented staff and strong vendor relationships, ensuring amazing customer satisfaction as measured by our consistently high NPS scores.

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David LeCompte


STM has evolved into a full-service travel management company with over 130+ employees,
led by the following members of our executive team.
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