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Traveler support. ANYtime. ANYwhere.



No two companies are exactly alike, so here’s our solid commitment to you:


  • We will take whatever time is necessary to fully understand your needs and arrive at the best solution for your travel program

  • We will never try to push another client’s solution onto you

  • We are happy to customize our products in order to make your travel program more effective



Constant improvement through innovation is the key to our past and future successes.

  • TwoPlus - Discover instantly if multiple travelers are on the same flight

STM's clients realized an average incremental savings of 29% in 2018!


  • Average Years of Experience of our Travel Agent - 18

  • Support with Dedicated Toll Free Number - 24/7

  • Net Promoter Score - 90 (World Class Status)

  • System Uptime - Over 99.9%

  • Majority Women-Owned, Private Corporation



Providing you with one toll free number to utilize 24/7 and receive immediate, necessary access to an agent - not a machine. This comprehensive 24-Hour traveler service includes:

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Information and advice

  • New flight, hotel, rail or car rental bookings

  • Multi-GDS access

  • Reservation amendments

  • Passport and Visa services 

  • Highly experienced 24-Hour service agents, averaging 16 years’ experience

INTERNATional Travel


STM offers experienced international travel agents who average 15 years of international travel experience, assisting a wide variety of clients with offices and campuses all over the world. Our staff has handled a variety of international programs, both individual and group related. In the past year, STM has sent clients abroad spending approximately $95M in airfare to over 60 countries. For groups, STM works with each program administrator to hold and book group space for travelers leaving at the same time and place, negotiating contracts for programs with a multitude of travelers going to that destination. In addition, STM agents will individually book all travelers, as well as assist travelers individually based on their agenda and itinerary needs.

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