STM Travel News - April 2018

April 2, 2018

SHORT'S IS PARTNERING WITH LYFT Short's and Lyft are working together to provide travelers with comparison data in STO (our online booking tool) to enable travelers to make well-informed and resourceful choices in ground transportation. This optional service will be available soon in an exciting new version of STO! If you would like your travelers to benefit from this data, we need to know soon so that we can begin setup. Please advise your Short's account manager, or simply respond to this email.

SHORT'S HELPS MEMPHIS SAVE $1.1M IN TRAVEL SPEND Although Memphis experienced a 2.5 million dollar decrease in donations and revenue, the athletic program was still able to turn a profit this year by targeting their controllable expenses, focusing heavily on travel. Contracting with Short's "resulted in large savings by all athletic teams, coaches and staff," noted Eric Sabin, associate athletic director of finance. More

UNITED & DELTA MAKE CHANGES TO THEIR PET POLICIES Both Delta and United are changing their pet policies after rising safely concerns in the past year. Delta implemented its changes in March 1st while United introduced its changes just recently. To read more about the changes and what they mean for you, see United Policy | Delta Policy

AIRBUS EXPLORING CARGO HOLD SLEEPING OPTIONS The Airbus manufacturer is seriously considering plans that would allow passengers to slip down into the cargo hold for a quick nap during ultra-long flights. The sleeping area would be designed as modules that could be easily removed for shorter flights, and could even be retrofitted to fit older models of the Airbus. More

TRAVEL TALKS ARE BACK! Tuesday, April 24th | 1PM ET | 12PM CT | 11AM MT | 10AM PT In partnership with Short's Travel, CSI GlobalVCard brings the most important elements of virtual travel payments together on one platform. CSI's virtual payment solution ensures employee compliance with corporate travel management policies utilizing secure methods for all air, hotel, and car rental needs. Find out more with Cindy Lewis from CSI GlobalVCard as she shows us ingenious solutions to address common travel-booking concerns. Register Now!

AMERICAN AIRLINES ADDS 47 DREAMLINERS TO ITS FLEET The airline, as part of a strategy to simplify its fleet, has ordered 47 Dreamliners making American the largest carrier of the aircraft in the western hemisphere. The aircraft is ranked highest among customer satisfaction of any wide-body in American's fleet. The Dreamliner will begin to replace the Airbus, of which American terminated its orders. More

Because Laughter is the Best Medicine

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes." ― Jack Handey

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