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Your Full Service Solution for Group Travel

April 25, 2017 - 12pm CST

Short’s Travel assists hundreds of collegiate athletic departments each year as a one-stop shop for group travel. This month’s Travel Talk covers our best-in-class air charter, hotel and bus offerings, as well as our new streamlined fulfillment process, which makes booking group travel the easiest part of your job!

Since becoming the exclusive travel partner for the NCAA in 2003, Short’s has partnered with more than 100 collegiate athletic departments to handle their regular season travel. As the air travel provider for all post-season championship travel, you know we can handle your commercial air needs…but what about the additional offerings we provide for groups?

STM CHARTERS moves thousands of coaches, athletes, staff and fans to U.S. events every year.  With over 850 charters coordinated, managed and fulfilled annually, STM Charters procures flights and ensures the entire process runs smoothly from bidding to billing.

STM HOTELS conducts searches, handles contract negotiations and supports all hotel needs for groups of all sizes, realizing 25% annual client savings. In conjunction with lowest rates and strong partnerships, STM Hotels prioritizes client needs and expectations.

STM GROUND supports more than 150 athletic programs each year, providing safe, reliable and satisfactory service. By offering competitive pricing and identifying ways to eliminate hidden fees, clients utilizing STM Ground save up to 23%.

Short's also provides a streamlined fulfillment process for groups through our proprietary online travel portal. Contact us today for more information on any of our program add-ons.

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