STM Travel News - June 2018

June 5, 2018

SHORT'S IS PREPARING TO RELEASE STO VERSION 5 Short’s is nearing the finish line with regards to the new version of our proprietary online booking tool, Short’s Travel Online (STO.)  While continuing the tradition of being traveler-centric, easy to learn, and easy to use, STO Version 5 has been carefully architected around increased performance, reliability, and broader platform support, as well as key new features such as branded fares, interactive mapping for hotels, and integrating TwoPlus - a proprietary tool that conveniently informs you when coworkers are traveling on the same flight.  We expect STO Version 5 to be available around the end of third quarter.  For questions or more information, please contact your account manager or

TRAVELING THIS SUMMER? HERE ARE THE TOP 10 WORST AIRPORTS FOR THE SEASON If you are planning any summer trips you might want to try and avoid these airports, especially for connections. These are the top 10 worst airports ranked by "on-time" trips over a ten year time period. Ranking in the top three: Newark, LaGuardia, and San Francisco. More

ORLANDO AIRPORT DEPLOYING BIOMETRIC GATE PROGRAMS Orlando International Airport will be testing a new bio-metric entry and exit program at 30 gates in the coming future. The process will use cameras and facial recognition programs to match passport and visa photos to travelers. The process is currently being tested by British Airways. More

STM DRIVEN GIVES YOU MORE Did you know STM Driven can handle more than just your motor coach requests? STM Driven is Short's Travel Management's in-house solution for all of your ground transportation needs. STM Driven prides itself on providing a variety of solutions ranging from airport meet and greets, limousine services, sedans, and organization of your corporate outings ground travel.  STM Driven will provide you with a number of quotes as well as budget saving suggestions and advice.   Have a trip coming up? Get a quote today!

A STRICT TRAVEL POLICY MAY NOT BE THE ANSWER "Research shows that strict corporate travel policies don't really work."  The United States has some of the strictest corporate travel policies in the world, but that doesn't mean the business traveler is going to abide by the rules. A large percentage of travelers that are aware of the travel policy still tend to go rogue on a regular basis. What is the solution to managing business travel behavior? More

NEW "MILLENNIAL" AIRLINE, JOON, CATERING TO THE YOUNGER TRAVELERS A new "boutique" airline is taking to the skies, focusing specifically on the younger generation. Joon, an Air France airline, has a more relaxed casual crew that serves specialty items like craft beers and organic coffee. More

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