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STM Travel News - August 2016

August 10, 2016

Short's Travel's newsletter underwent construction last month, and it's back and better than ever! Short's Travel News contains insightful news pieces to keep you informed in the travel industry. It will also keep you up-to-date with any new developments at Short's. So read, enjoy, and share!

Short's strives for continuous improvement in its services and products to best serve its clients and to maintain its position as The Most Innovative Travel Management Company in the Industry. Check out the product updates that have kept Short's busy this month!

Nights Away from Home

This brand new dashboard and report is available exclusively to Short's clients to help travelers track how many nights they have spent away from home and help monitor trip friction. Interested in finding out more? Contact Short's Client Services team at

Group Travel Upgrade

Short's also released developments to its online travel portal this month to streamline and improve the booking process for group travel, which includes an enhanced Group Travel Request Form, as well as a new tab for all Group Hotels. Want more information? Contact Short's groups department today at Groups&


Delta is latest airline to trip over technology

Delta became the latest airline felled by technology in what industry experts say is an avoidable problem. More

Business or Pleasure - why not both?

As business travel increasingly becomes a necessity, more and more executives are injecting elements of play into their business trips. More

Gadgets that help turn your airplane tray table into a mobile office

Business travelers know plane time can be valuable work time. For those wanting to be productive on their next flight, these gadgets and tools help. More

Why the Zika travel warning in Florida is so narrow

A one-square-mile area north of downtown Miami is a Zika hot zone that public health officials say pregnant women should avoid. More

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