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STM Initiatives Launched

June 17, 2020

What’s Happening?

We want to share an update on our initiatives we announced in May regarding our two system upgrades - both are launched and traveler ready!

What are we Doing?

Features of these upgrades that will enhance travelers interactions with agents.


  • Hotel retail search features will enhance the agents ability to sort and secure the lowest rates based on all available discounts as well as find available hotels nearest the travelers destination.

  • Agents will easily be able to see if Airlines offer branded fares (what their offerings entail and cost), along with seat maps before selling the flight.

  • Agents can now easily search for flights and hotels for multiple travelers.

  • Flight options has a new look and feel. Hotels and cars can be added to the trip quote.


  • Agents can search fares consistent with other legacy carriers (like Delta, United, American). Including Wanna Get Away.

  • Unused tickets and changes will be updated direct in the agent system instead of calling out to Southwest for assistance each time.

What Now?

We continue to test and evaluate both enhancements to ensure a seamless experience for clients.

As always STM is committed to enhancing the experience of getting there, being there, and coming home.

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