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STM Charters Announces Complete 2020-2021 Partner Air Carrier Network

July 29, 2020

WATERLOO, IA—Today, STM Charters, Inc., a division of Short’s Travel Management, announced definitive agreements with three additional carriers to provide the collegiate athletic community with unrivaled access to charter aircraft in a variety of sizes and configurations for the 2020-2021 season.

Under these agreements, in which STM Charters will serve as the exclusive marketing and sales agent of the two airlines’ fleet of regional aircraft to colleges and universities, STM Charters’ customers will have exclusive access to 30-seat and 50-seat regional jet aircraft operated by RVR Aviation, LLC and Denver Air Connection, a Key Lime Company. Featuring unparalleled comfort and safety, these aircraft are among the only 30-seat VIP-configured EM-135 and EM-140 regional jets with Wi-Fi, and 50-seat EM-145 regional jets available to charter in the industry today.

Today’s announcement follows on last month’s news that STM Charters and industry-leader SkyWest Airlines will partner exclusively to provide colleges and universities access to up to twenty of SkyWest’s fleet of nearly 500 50-seat, 65-seat, and 76-seat aircraft.

When combined, STM Charters will once again offer the largest, most reliable FAA-approved Part 121 and Part 135 air carrier network in the collegiate athletic marketplace.

In addition, for the 2020-2021 season, STM Charters has agreed to terms on multiple Boeing 737 aircraft to be operated by iAero Airways (formerly known as Swift Air)—the country’s largest provider of narrowbody charter aircraft. Under the agreement, iAero is directly responsible for the dispatch and safe operation of each charter flight, while STM Charters will be directly responsible for the pricing and scheduling of each aircraft. All of the aircraft will be “VIP” configured with 60 first-class seats for the duration of the season.

STM Charters Partner Air Carrier Overview

RVR Aviation, LLC

  • EM-135 30-seat regional jets;

  • First-class seat pitch with at least 36-inches at each row;

  • Wi-Fi and in-seat power throughout the aircraft.

Denver Air Connection, A Key Lime Company

  • Dornier 328Jet 30-seat regional aircraft;

  • Standard seating configuration;

  • Ideal for “hot and high” or short-runway operations.

  • EM-145 50-seat regional jets;

  • 50-seats at industry-standard 31-inch seat pitch;

  • Ability to operate up to 1,100 mile segments on a non-stop basis (under normal operating conditions).

  • EM-140 30-seat regional jet;

  • First-class seat pitch of at least 36-inches at each row;

  • Wi-Fi equipped;

  • Western-base ideal for Pac-12, Big Sky, Mountain West, and West Coast Conference travel.

iAero Airways

  • Boeing 737-300 aircraft;

  • 60-seat all first-class VIP configuration;

  • Available November 1st through the end of May.

SkyWest Airlines

  • CRJ-200 aircraft;

  • Standard seating configuration;

  • Ability to operate up to 1,100 mile segments on a non-stop basis (under normal operating conditions).

  • CRJ-700 aircraft;

  • 65-seat configuration with 9 first-class seats and 16 premium economy seats;

  • Select aircraft feature Wi-Fi.

  • CRJ-900 aircraft;

  • 76-seats with 12 first-class seats and 16 premium economy seats;

  • Ability to operate up to 1,600 mile segments on a non-stop basis (under normal operating conditions).

“STM’s combined network of partner carriers will provide unparalleled breadth and depth of availability, dependability, and service to our valued customers,” said Ryan Dohmen, President of STM Charters. “With the finalization of these agreements, STM Charters will have exclusive access to charter aircraft within an hour’s flight of nearly every college and university in the United States. More importantly, STM Charters will be able to leverage the combined capabilities of our partner carriers to maintain schedule integrity and customer safety in these uncertain times.”

STM’s expansive network of regional aircraft are available to charter on a year-round basis, with the company’s larger Boeing aircraft available from November through May. In addition to the exclusively-contracted aircraft discussed here, STM Charters works with a number of other FAA-certificated air carriers and can provide aircraft in a variety of configurations to meet your specific travel needs.

About STM Charters

STM Charters, Inc., the air charter division of Short’s Travel Management, contracts, coordinates, and operationalizes more than 2,000 charter flights each year. STM Charters provides flight operations expertise to over 125 institutions of higher learning throughout the United States seeking a high-quality, “one-stop shop” for all of their travel needs—from team and executive recruiting charters, to band, alumni, donor and fan travel. In addition, STM maintains relationships with multiple professional sports franchises in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and Major League Soccer. Visit for more information.

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