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Short’s Travel Partners with WHOOP to Improve and Drive Team Wellness

December 15, 2020

Waterloo, IA - Short’s Travel Management (STM) recently partnered with WHOOP, a performance optimization system, in effort to help employees monitor and improve health during this unprecedented time. WHOOP straps were offered to the entire STM team so they could gain understanding into their daily fitness, sleep, and recovery data and learn how it impacts their wellness.

I’ve personally been a WHOOP customer for years. Giving our employees the ability to help monitor their fitness from strain, recovery and sleep in a team environment is a perfect fit for STM’s culture,” said David LeCompte, CEO of Short’s Travel Management.

WHOOP is a wrist-worn heart rate monitor that tracks health data including your body’s recovery, respiratory rate, and activities 24/7 to help you optimize your well-being. By giving its members insight into their personal health data, positive change has been seen by WHOOP wearers in resting heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep and more.

"WHOOP is a perfect partner for businesses seeking new ways to prioritize employee health while providing innovative wellness benefits built for today's resilient workplace," said Saif Islam, Director of Enterprise Strategy & Sales, WHOOP.

In response to the pandemic, WHOOP has conducted research analyzing the relationship between respiratory rate and COVID-19, including a recently peer reviewed and published study of a new algorithm that has the potential to identify the virus. WHOOP is the only consumer wearable with third-party validated gold-standard accuracy in respiratory rate monitoring. WHOOP empowers members to understand their baseline data across a variety of key well-being metrics and use actionable insights to optimize their performance.


WHOOP, the human performance company, provides a membership for 24/7 coaching to improve health. The WHOOP membership comes with free hardware (the new Whoop Strap 3.0), a coaching platform designed to optimize your behavior, and a community of high performers. WHOOP members range from professional athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs to fitness enthusiasts and endurance competitors to executives and military personnel. Studies show WHOOP can positively change behavior, increase sleep, and improve physiological biomarkers. Founded in 2012, WHOOP is based in Boston and has raised more than $200 million in venture capital. Visit for the latest company news and connect with WHOOP on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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