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Short's Travel Management Selected As Preferred Travel Partner For Colorado College

Short's Travel Management (Short’s), a leading provider of comprehensive athletic travel solutions, is proud to announce its designation as the preferred travel management partner for athletic travel at Colorado College (CC).


With this partnership, Short's will oversee a range of travel arrangements, including group and individual commercial air travel, charter plane services, group and individual hotel accommodations, group and individual/recruiting rental car arrangements, and charter bus services (fly/drives). By leveraging its extensive network and expertise in managing athletic travel logistics, Short's aims to streamline the travel process for CC’s athletes, coaches, and staff.


In collaboration with CC, Short's looks forward to fostering a seamless travel experience that aligns with the college's commitment to excellence in athletics. As the preferred travel management partner, Short's is dedicated to delivering unparalleled support, ensuring that every journey is efficient, comfortable, and tailored to the specific needs of CC’s athletic community.


About Short’s Travel Management

Short’s is a family-owned and majority woman-owned private corporation, led by CEO David LeCompte. In 2020, Short’s strategically pivoted to exclusively serve collegiate athletics, solidifying its position as the fastest growing provider for athletic teams.


With a client portfolio that is over 95% collegiate sports, Short’s supports over 16,000 games, meets, and tournaments annually, assisting more than 200 athletic departments with their regular season travel, in addition to exclusively managing championship travel for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 


The Short’s logistics team orchestrates more air charters, commercial air, ground transportation, and group hotel accommodations than any other provider in the collegiate team space. Comprised of former collegiate athletes, coaches, business operations and logistics staff, pilots, hotel leaders, gate agents, and dispatchers, Short’s understands firsthand the demands of this sector and the critical importance of teams arriving on time.


About Colorado College

CC has a long and proud history of athletic competition, and in welcoming a bright future of new recruits to all our varsity sides, the coming years look to be roaring successes for CC athletics. The CC Tigers compete in three national conferences at multiple NCAA levels, from Division I men's ice hockey and women's soccer to Division III basketball, lacrosse, cross country, track, swimming, women's volleyball, and men's soccer. In total, CC fields 17 different varsity teams.


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