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Short's Travel Management partners with Brown University to Manage Athletic Travel

Short's Travel Management (Short’s), a leading name in comprehensive athletic travel solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Brown University (Brown) to revolutionize the management of athletic travel. This collaboration signifies a commitment to elevating the travel experience for Brown’s athletic teams, coaches, and staff.

In alignment with this partnership, Short's will offer a suite of premium services finely tuned to meet the distinctive demands of Brown’s athletic programs. These services encompass Group and Individual Commercial Air Travel, characterized by streamlined booking processes and optimized itineraries to ensure seamless air travel arrangements. Charter Plane Services will grant access to private charter options, enhancing flexibility and convenience for travel to competitions and events. Additionally, Group and Individual Hotel Accommodations will feature curated selections tailored to the specific preferences and requirements of athletes, coaches, and staff. Group and Individual/Recruiting Rental Car Arrangements will facilitate hassle-free bookings, facilitating smooth transitions and mobility. Furthermore, Charter Bus Services (Fly/Drives) will offer customized solutions merging air and ground transportation for efficient travel experiences.


Short's brings its expertise in travel logistics and dedication to exceptional service to enhance every aspect of Brown's athletic travel experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices, Short's aims to optimize efficiency, minimize disruptions, and prioritize the comfort and convenience of all travelers.


This strategic partnership exemplifies Short's ongoing commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, as well as Brown’s dedication to providing top-tier support for its athletes and staff.


About Short’s Travel Management

Short’s is a family-owned and majority woman-owned private corporation, led by CEO David LeCompte. In 2020, Short’s strategically pivoted to exclusively serve collegiate athletics, solidifying its position as the fastest growing provider for athletic teams.


With a client portfolio that is over 95% collegiate sports, Short’s supports over 16,000 games, meets, and tournaments annually, assisting more than 200 athletic departments with their regular season travel, in addition to exclusively managing championship travel for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 


The Short’s logistics team orchestrates more air charters, commercial air, ground transportation, and group hotel accommodations than any other provider in the collegiate team space. Comprised of former collegiate athletes, coaches, business operations and logistics staff, pilots, hotel leaders, gate agents, and dispatchers, Short’s understands firsthand the demands of this sector and the critical importance of teams arriving on time.


About Brown University Athletics

The Brown Bears serve as the athletic representatives of Brown University, situated in Providence, Rhode Island. As a proud member of the Ivy League, Brown supports 37 intercollegiate sports teams competing at the NCAA Division I level, showcasing excellence and sportsmanship in collegiate athletics.

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