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Short's Travel Management Named Preferred Athletic Travel Provider for DePaul University

Short's Travel Management (Short’s) is thrilled to announce its partnership with DePaul University Athletics as the preferred travel provider. This collaboration underscores Short’s commitment to delivering exceptional travel solutions tailored to the unique needs of collegiate sports teams.


As the chosen provider, Short’s will leverage its expertise in full-service travel management to facilitate seamless travel experiences for DePaul University's athletes and staff. From commercial reservations for individuals and teams to group hotel accommodations, charter bus services, and charter air travel, Short’s will ensure that every aspect of DePaul Athletics' travel needs is meticulously handled.


With a proven track record in sports travel management and a reputation for excellence, Short’s is well-positioned to support DePaul University Athletics in achieving their goals both on and off the field.



About Short’s Travel Management

Short’s is a family-owned and majority woman-owned private corporation, led by CEO David LeCompte. In 2020, Short’s strategically pivoted to exclusively serve collegiate athletics, solidifying its position as the fastest growing provider for athletic teams.


With a client portfolio that is over 95% collegiate sports, Short’s supports over 16,000 games, meets, and tournaments annually, assisting more than 200 athletic departments with their regular season travel, in addition to exclusively managing championship travel for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 


The Short’s logistics team orchestrates more air charters, commercial air, ground transportation, and group hotel accommodations than any other provider in the collegiate team space. Comprised of former collegiate athletes, coaches, business operations and logistics staff, pilots, hotel leaders, gate agents, and dispatchers, Short’s understands firsthand the demands of this sector and the critical importance of teams arriving on time.


About DePaul Univeristy Athletics

The DePaul Blue Demons stand as the esteemed athletic representatives of DePaul University, a distinguished institution nestled in the city of Chicago, Illinois. As proud members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I, the Blue Demons showcase their talent and spirit across various competitive arenas. Firmly entrenched in collegiate athletics, they are affiliated with the prestigious Big East Conference, a renowned gathering of top-tier athletic programs.


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