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Short's Travel Management Announces Partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University Athletics

Short's Travel Management (Short’s), a leading provider of comprehensive athletic travel solutions, is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to manage their athletic travel needs. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing and streamlining travel logistics for VCU Athletics through Short's designated agent model.

VCU Athletics sought a partner capable of handling their complex travel needs. was chosen for its proven track record in organizing seamless travel experiences for athletic teams nationwide. This partnership aims to streamline VCU Athletics' travel operations, ensuring efficiency and support for the university's teams and staff.


As part of this partnership, Short's is excited to provide personalized services tailored to meet VCU Athletics' needs. This includes handling group and individual bookings for seamless commercial air travel, offering flexibility and convenience with charter plane services, securing comfortable accommodations near competition venues, providing reliable transportation with rental cars for team travel and recruitment purposes, and organizing efficient ground transportation for airport transfers and competition venues. Short's aims to enhance VCU Athletics' travel experience, allowing them to focus on success on and off the field.



About Short’s Travel Management

Short’s is a family-owned and majority woman-owned private corporation, led by CEO David LeCompte. In 2020, Short’s strategically pivoted to exclusively serve collegiate athletics, solidifying its position as the fastest growing provider for athletic teams.


With a client portfolio that is over 95% collegiate sports, Short’s supports over 16,000 games, meets, and tournaments annually, assisting more than 200 athletic departments with their regular season travel, in addition to exclusively managing championship travel for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 


The Short’s logistics team orchestrates more air charters, commercial air, ground transportation, and group hotel accommodations than any other provider in the collegiate team space. Comprised of former collegiate athletes, coaches, business operations and logistics staff, pilots, hotel leaders, gate agents, and dispatchers, Short’s understands firsthand the demands of this sector and the critical importance of teams arriving on time.


About Virginia Commonwealth University Athletics

The VCU Rams represent Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, competing in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association as part of the Atlantic 10 Conference. Notably, the men's tennis and basketball teams have achieved significant success within their conference and on regional and national levels. As a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, VCU sponsors seven men's and eight women's NCAA-sanctioned sports teams.

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