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In The Know - STM May 2023 News

Southwest LUV Vouchers

As we know, Southwest Airlines announced a first-of-its-kind policy in July, eliminating expiration dates on Southwest flight credits. Their previous service model allowed Short’s to convert expired tickets to LUV vouchers for a period of time after the expiration. However, with this shift away from ticket expirations, Southwest is phasing out LUV vouchers and has recently began enforcing the discontinuation of their service of converting tickets to more

With 42.3 million Americans hitting the road, Memorial Day travel will surpass 2019 demand

If you think Memorial Day weekend might be a busy one for travel, you’d be right. Before you pack a suitcase and hop in the car or take to the sky, here's what to expect by the numbers.

Demand for flights on Memorial Day weekend is up nearly 10% compared to last year, according to recently released Expedia flight data. Top domestic destinations are New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. International flight sticker shock is real, especially when searching for cities like Rome and London.

According to AAA, air travel will exceed pre-pandemic levels for the same time frame. Nearly 3.4 million travelers are expected to fly to their destination this Memorial Day weekend, an increase of 11% over last more


Apple’s TSA-approved digital ID is now live in 4 states, coming soon to many more

The days of fumbling around for your driver’s license at the security checkpoint are slowly coming to an end. Apple officially launched digital state IDs in the iPhone Wallet app last year, beginning with Arizona and Maryland.

Since then, the tech giant has worked to enable this technology in two more states (Colorado and Georgia) in what’s shaping up to be a nationwide rollout. We’ll break down the details more


What Happens If I Miss My Connecting Flight Through No Fault Of My Own?

If you’ve ever found yourself dashing across the airport, your carry-on bumping along behind you as you try to reach the gate for your next flight, you might be wondering: “What happens if I miss my connecting flight?” While many travelers in this situation do make it on time to avoid a missed connecting flight, others aren’t so lucky. What comes next for the unfortunate more

Bumping & Oversales

The vast majority of the time, passengers don’t have any problems boarding their flights. But occasionally, airlines may “bump” passengers and have them give up their seats. Bumping, also known as “denied boarding,” happens when there are more passengers scheduled to fly on an airplane than available seats. The business practice of bumping is not illegal. Airlines oversell their scheduled flights to a certain extent in order to compensate for “no-shows.” Most of the time, airlines correctly predict the “no shows” and everything goes smoothly. But sometimes, passengers are bumped as a result of oversales practices. Not all airlines engage in the practice of selling more tickets than available seats on an aircraft. Some airlines simply sell enough tickets to fill every seat. Although this practice significantly reduces the chances that a passenger will be bumped, the airline may still bump passengers in rare circumstances - such as when the seat is needed for a Federal Air more


How to sleep comfortably on a plane, from short to long-haul flights

Maybe you’re one of those people who falls asleep instantly when a plane takes off. Then, by the time you wake, the plane is landing, and it feels like you have reached your destination in no time.

Or, you might be among the less fortunate travelers who find it nearly impossible to sleep on a plane — even on long-haul international flights. Instead, you stay up for the entirety of the flight, twiddling your thumbs and trying to pass the time.

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