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In The Know - STM December 2023 News

Wishing you a holiday season brimming with joy, laughter, and an abundance of heartwarming moments.  As you embark on your holiday adventures, may the journey be filled with excitement and safe travels. Here's to creating cherished memories and experiencing the magic of the season. 


Happy Holidays!

Short's Travel Management

These are the Busiest Days to Travel This Holiday Season


2023 has been a record-setting year for air travel, and there's no reason to think the end-of-year holidays will be any different.


After logging its busiest summer ever at U.S. airport security checkpoints, the Transportation Security Administration saw more passengers on Nov. 26 — the Sunday after Thanksgiving — than on any day in its 22-year history.

And the crowds are just getting started.


 AAA expects 7.5 million Americans will fly over the 10-day Christmas and New Year's holiday period. That's a number larger than both last year's holiday airport crowds and those seen in more


Driving This Christmas? Here's How to Avoid the Worst Traffic.


It's going to be a busy holiday travel season, especially for those who are planning to hit the road to reach their final destination.


AAA projects 115.2 million travelers between Dec. 23 and New Year's Day – and 90% of those people will be going by car. It'll be the second-highest on record of drivers following 2019.


"This year-end holiday forecast, with an additional 2.5 million travelers compared to last year, mirrors what AAA Travel has been observing throughout 2023," Paula Twidale, senior vice president of AAA Travel, said in a more


Alaska Airlines Unveils 4 Major Changes to MVP Elite Status

Alaska Airlines is overhauling four major parts of its Mileage Plan loyalty program.

The changes include simplifying how you earn status, introducing the ability to earn status from credit card spending, devaluing a key perk of becoming an MVP elite and revamping the benefits package you receive when you hit status and more.

Overall, these changes will likely be good news for many flyers, though travelers who used to earn status exclusively from Alaska segments might not be as more


We asked a flight attendant for their top insider tips on flying like a pro


If you are a nervous flyer, Cooper suggests sitting in any seat behind the wings. She explains that the ride will likely be smoother and less bumpy if you encounter turbulence.


"Then there's also the window seat," Cooper shared. "Once you get through those clouds on a day flight, you've got that vitamin D coming in with the sunshine, and it makes you feel more

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