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Embracing Innovation in Travel

May 30, 2017 - 12pm CST

Our Travel Talk in May - Embracing Innovation in Travel - highlights innovative travel products and their unique offering to the industry. Introduction led by Short's Travel's CEO, David LeCompte, featuring the following innovative companies: Freebird, Mozio, Flightsayer, TripLingo and Solve.

Freebird, a simple mobile solution that empowers business travelers to skip the line and instantly book a new ticket after a flight cancellation, significant delay, or missed connection.

Mozio, a holistic ground transportation solutions provider that streamlines the traveler experience to and from the airport.

Flightsayer, flight tracking with predictive analytics give you the power to proactively manage and minimize the impact of flight disruptions. Increase traveler productivity and save precious time and money by managing flight delays before they happen.

TripLingo, a language learning app that helps travel programs keep their employees safe, savvy, and productive when traveling abroad. Language and cultural tools help employees do their job effectively and cost-saving tools, like the Wi-Fi dialer, help travel programs measurably reduce the cost of international travel.

Solve, provides the ultimate airport experience in nearly 500 airports around the world. Its agents meet travelers curbside or at their arrival gate, fast track them through security, immigration, and customs, and make sure they are safely heading to their final destination.

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