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American Launches Group Travel Platform in Europe, with U.S., Canada to Follow

October 16, 2020

Yesterday, October 15th, American launched a group travel platform in Europe, with the U.S. and Canada to follow.

Travel Advisors to receive real-time visibility into every aspect of group travel

  • New groups booking platform now available for European points of sale.

  • The platform streamlines the booking process and provides enhanced customer service.

  • Advisors for United States and Canada points of sale to receive access in 2021.

Ahead of the curve, Short’s Travel Management (STM) has already signed up our Travel Agents that book group travel for this platform so they will be ready when it is available in the US in 2021.

The new platform provides real-time visibility into every aspect of a group’s itinerary and access to modify bookings 24/7.

“We’ve listened carefully to our customers’ feedback about the groups booking process over the last couple years and have implemented several changes to make groups management more seamless,” said Kyle Mabry, Global Head of Leisure, Groups and Middle Market Sales for American. “Travel advisors will enjoy a convenient one-stop shopping experience that empowers them to manage nearly every aspect of their customers’ travel. American prides itself on being the airline that is easiest to do business with, and our new platform is just another way we can deliver on that promise for our customers.”

American began providing travel advisors who manage points of sale in Europe direct access to the platform this summer, and all contracted advisors with European points of sale will be eligible to receive access by the end of 2020. Customers with current access have praised the new platform’s user-friendly features and ability to self-service 24 hours a day.

Travel advisors responsible for groups travel from US and Canada points of sale can look forward to accessing the platform in the first half of 2021.

Platform features include:

  • Enhanced search for availability and pricing for simple, multi-sector and multi-origin itineraries.

  • Itinerary quotes and holds for up to 14 days after reservation.

  • The ability to review terms and conditions and accept quotes when ready.

  • An improved process to modify existing quotes and bookings, and re-quote a group trip.

  • Automatic reminders for key important deadlines to accept quotes, enter traveler names and ticket travel.

  • Automatic free seat assignments.

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