As a traveler, there are certain things that are important in making the travel experience an enjoyable one.  Having the ability to select personalized attributes for trips can provide ease, convenience and in some cases an upgraded experience.  By curating the attributes that are most important, search results will be more meaningful and include a personal touch.

Most travelers spend too much time clicking through options. Smart Trip will eliminate the need to click through to see what's available, instead it will show you the availability of your selections. Plus, it is easy via the trip cart to exclude any part (like car).  No need to search through each section result screen. Smart Trip gives you the ability to see an overview of your trip and make only the selections needed.


For the traveler that likes to keep a tight schedule

  • By preselecting flights that leave between 9-12 and return by 8pm, flights that offer premium seating and WiFi the traveler does need to click through and look at each individual flight, they simply select the one they like best.

For the traveler that has a hotel preference

  • Define what attributes are most important in your next hotel stay such as a specific brand, king bed, free breakfast and WiFi.

Hotels that have the highest percentage of these attributes will show at the top of the search.  With a single click, book the hotel that makes your stay the most enjoyable.

For the company that has a preferred car vendor

  • Don't worry about searching through all the selections, preselect your car to be reserved every time.

For the traveler who books on a mobile device

  • Smart Trip is mobile-friendly and creates an easy experience on your mobile device.

Bottom line - it's really about ease, convenience and seeing what is important to the traveler - with the ability to see the applied policy.

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