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Short's Travel Management Partners with Santa Clara Athletics to Provide Full-Service Athletic Travel Management

Short's Travel Management (Short's), a leading provider in travel management services, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Santa Clara Athletics. This collaboration will deliver comprehensive travel solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the university's athletic teams, ensuring efficient and seamless travel experiences.


Santa Clara Athletics has selected Short's for their expertise in managing all aspects of athletic team travel. Short's innovative approach assigns a designated travel agent to closely support Santa Clara's teams, providing personalized service that aligns with the rigorous demands of collegiate athletics along with a group of service area experts.


Short's will oversee the booking of commercial and charter flights for Santa Clara's teams, securing the best options in terms of schedules and cost-effectiveness. In addition, Short's will manage all ground transportation needs, including buses, shuttles, and rental vehicles, to ensure safe and reliable travel for athletes, coaches, and staff. Furthermore, Short's will handle hotel reservations, ensuring comfortable accommodations that cater to the specific requirements of Santa Clara's athletes.


"We are honored to partner with Santa Clara Athletics and provide our specialized travel services," said David LeCompte, CEO of Short's Travel Management. "Our goal is to enhance the travel experience for Santa Clara's teams, allowing them to focus on their performance and achieving their goals both on and off the field."


With Short's comprehensive travel management services, Santa Clara's athletic teams are set to benefit from streamlined travel logistics that minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency. This partnership underscores Short's commitment to supporting Santa Clara Athletics in their pursuit of excellence.



About Short’s Travel Management

Short’s Travel Management is a family-owned and majority woman-owned private corporation, led by CEO David LeCompte. In 2020, Short’s strategically pivoted to exclusively serve athletics, solidifying its position as the fastest growing provider for athletic teams.


With a client portfolio that is over 95% collegiate sports, Short’s supports over 16,000 games, meets, and tournaments annually, assisting more than 200 athletic departments with their regular season travel, in addition to exclusively managing championship travel for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 


The Short’s logistics team orchestrates more air charters, commercial air, ground transportation, and group hotel accommodations than any other provider in the collegiate team space. Comprised of former collegiate athletes, coaches, business operations and logistics staff, pilots, hotel leaders, gate agents, and dispatchers, Short’s understands firsthand the demands of this sector and the critical importance of teams arriving on time.


About Santa Clara Athletics

Santa Clara Athletics embodies a rich tradition of competitive excellence and holistic student development within the context of NCAA Division I sports, competing primarily in the West Coast Conference (WCC). Committed to the Jesuit principles of academic rigor, service to others, and athletic achievement, our programs offer a transformative experience for student-athletes. From varsity sports to club teams and intramurals, Santa Clara Athletics fosters a culture of inclusivity and sportsmanship. They provide comprehensive support services and state-of-the-art facilities that empower athletes to excel academically, athletically, and personally. Santa Clara Athletics prepares student-athletes for success both during their collegiate careers and beyond.

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