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Sports travel successful venture for Short's Travel Management

March 3, 2019

WATERLOO — Brackets are being set up and 68 college teams are prepping for the “March Madness” that is the spring NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament. At Short’s Travel Management, the NCAA championship division of travel agents are running their own drills and girding themselves for the onslaught of complex travel arrangements that must be made to get teams from point A to point B for games.

“It really is what the term says — madness. All of the pairings are released on Selection Sunday, and we don’t get the information really before anyone else does. Some of the travel has to happen the next day, so there are a lot of moving parts. Everything has to happen quickly and efficiently, and we stay on top of it. Our agents are making all of that happen,” said Ryan Dohmen, president of STM Charters, a division of Short’s. More

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