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In The Know - STM February 2024 News

American Airlines raises bag fee by $10 for luggage checked at the airport


If you're checking a bag for an American Airlines flight, expect to pay more.

The carrier has announced it is raising its checked bag fee by $10, from $30 to $40, for bags checked at the airport. For luggage checked online through American's website, the fee is increasing from $30 to $35.


For a second checked bag, the fee is rising from $40 to $45, whether purchased online or at the airport.


By comparison, a passenger's first checked bag on Delta and United still costs $30, while second ones cost $40 to $ more



Marriott CEO expects MGM Resorts partnership to get fully underway by mid-March


Good things come to Marriott Bonvoy and MGM Rewards members who wait.

Months after first announcing — and then delaying — a planned deep-reaching partnership, Marriott International and MGM Resorts finally have the starting line in eyesight. Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano noted on a company earnings call Tuesday that he expects all participating MGM Resorts properties will show up on Marriott booking and loyalty platforms by mid-March.


It's a huge boost for Marriott Bonvoy members looking for more options in Las Vegas and connects MGM Rewards members to corresponding loyalty tiers in the Marriott network. TPG reported last month that Marriott Bonvoy members will get perks that correspond to their Bonvoy tier at participating MGM properties but won't have to become members of MGM Rewards to earn benefits, like when Hyatt was partnered with more


United Airlines hikes bag fees, too, following American and other carriers


Yet another major U.S. airline is raising checked bag fees.


United Airlines said Friday it will raise checked bag fees by $5 for most travelers flying coach within North America.


Going forward, United will charge travelers $40 for their first checked bag. Customers who prepay to check a bag at least 24 hours ahead of their flight will get a $5 discount. The changes apply to tickets purchased beginning Saturday, Feb. more


8 reasons why you should always sit in an aisle seat on planes


Window or aisle? It's an age-old frequent flyer debate that's as divisive as walking into a room and declaring that "Toy Story 3" is mediocre (I'll die on this hill) or that Beyonce is, in fact, way better than Taylor Swift (Queen Bey for the win).


No matter where you are or who you ask, people will have an opinion on the matter. According to a recent survey conducted by the team at Going, the public at large favors window seats, with 53% deeming it their first choice. Aisle, meanwhile, took 46% of the vote, and just 1% of people voted for the middle more


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