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In The Know - STM February 2023 News

FAA to Conduct Sweeping Safety Review After Multiple Incidents

Citing a series of recent aviation safety incidents, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered a sweeping review of the agency.

“We are experiencing the safest period in aviation history, but we cannot take this for granted,” Billy Nolen, the acting FAA administrator, wrote in a memo. “Recent events remind us that we must not become complacent.”

His memo comes after a technological breakdown led to the first nationwide airplane departure grounding since the 9/11 attacks, and two significant events where airliners nearly collided at the runways of major US more


What Are Travelers Top Concerns Right Now?

While fears about COVID-19 justifiably loomed large in travelers’ minds in recent years, the good news is that these concerns have since plummeted. They’ve been replaced, however, by worries about civil unrest around the world, according to the Global Rescue Winter 2023 Traveler Safety and Sentiment Survey. Since August 2022, apprehension about COVID has dropped at a rate of 61 percent, down to its current rate of 13 percent compared to 33 percent in late summer last year, according to the results of Global Rescue’s quarterly surveys. Concerns about civil unrest and terrorism, meanwhile, nearly doubled over the past six months, jumping to 14 percent in the latest Global Rescue survey from 8 percent in late summer more


Southwest schedule extended: Book now to save on flights through Oct. 4, 2023

If you have yet to book flights for the upcoming months, now is an excellent time to snag Southwest flights.

Although some carriers allow you to book flights about 11 months in advance, Southwest extends its booking window in batches of only a few months at a time.

Previously, you could only book Southwest flights through the middle of August. But yesterday, Southwest extended its schedule through Oct. 4, 2023. This makes now an excellent time to snag a good deal on Southwest flights this summer and fall.

Here’s what you need to know about maximizing Southwest’s most recent schedule more

United Debuts New — and Free — Snack Menu for All Economy Passengers

If you're flying United in the coming weeks, you might want to take a look at the snack basket. That's because the Chicago-based carrier just unveiled three new snack choices that are debuting just in time for the busy spring break travel period. The new options include:

  • Dark chocolate and sea salt chocolate crisps by Undercover Snacks, starting March 1.

  • Apple and mango fruit bars by That’s it, starting April 1.

  • Savory snack mix by Summer Harvest, starting April 1.

Those with dietary restrictions, including Kosher, gluten- and allergen-free diets, will have something to enjoy with these new options. Both the chocolate crisps and apple and mango fruit bars are certified Kosher and are free from most more

The Surprising Item I Had that Set Off the TSA Alarm

Like most good frequent travelers, I’ve got my airport security routine. When you take 40 to 50 flights a year, you need to be efficient. With TSA PreCheck, I can leave my shoes on and keep my laptop and other electronic equipment in my bag. And for those times when PreCheck isn’t fast enough, I have a Clear membership. Enrollment is required.

My belt, shoes and watch never trigger airport metal detectors. Once my ID and boarding pass are checked—though most airports are now just scanning IDs—I put my phone into the pocket of my carry-on bag.

So when the metal detector at LaGuardia’s Terminal B started to beep Thursday morning, I assumed I was randomly selected for additional screening. I wasn’t wearing a belt. There’s no metal in my body. I was wearing sneakers with rubber more

These Expert Booking Tips Will Help Travelers Avoid Flight Delays

Nothing ruins a vacation quite like a delayed flight, a missed connection, or a lost bag. But thankfully, there are booking tricks travelers can use to at least minimize the chances of having one of these issues.

One of the best ways to ensure your flight takes off on time is to book it in the early morning, Scott Keyes, the founder of, shared with Travel + Leisure. These flights have a 20 percentage point higher on-time performance than flights later in the day, partly because the plane is often waiting at the airport overnight.

"While there's no way to control thunderstorms or predict meltdowns, that doesn't mean travelers are completely helpless," Keyes told T+L. "There are two types of flights that have the best on-time performance: early morning flights and/or nonstop flights." more

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