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Nick Gyllin

Executive Leader
Charter Bus

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About Nick...

As Executive Leader of STM Charter Bus, Nick has over 20 years industry experience and oversees all regular season ground transportation requests for STM’s clientele. He currently works with bus companies across the country to ensure fair market rates are provided for each of STM’s bids; and oversees SAFERSYS, FMCSA as well as DOT reports to ensure that each vendor is in compliance with the DOT. His sole focus is to ensure each STM client receives several competitive bids on each trip, while saving client’s money in ground transportation costs from year-to-year. 

He is committed to helping clients source value added transportation options that they would otherwise struggle to find. Nick loves his job with STM because of the people, both clients and colleagues. He says there’s never a dull day.


Nick began his career as a journalist, but found it somewhat boring. He decided to make a move to Chicago where he started a position with a Chicago-based travel company. Following Hurricane Katrina, he was sent by his company to Lackland Airforce Base to work with FEMA and the Red Cross, assisting with evacuee transportation. His passion for helping people find solutions for transportation have grown from there.

Getting personal...

Nick holds a BA in English and Journalism from the University of Iowa and enjoys working on his golf game and traveling with his family, including his wife, Caroline, and two daughters, Geneva and Evelyn.

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