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Kevin Ross

Executive Leader
Charter Air

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About Kevin...

Kevin Ross serves as the Executive Leader for STM Charter Air. Kevin is responsible for managing the company’s charter air team and ensuring the company successfully provides clients with outstanding service.

Kevin enjoys working at STM Charter Air because of the unique brand of aviation expertise they bring to the private air charter industry. He truly believes that the STM team are more than just brokers––they are aviation experts. 

Kevin has loved aviation his entire life and has a keen interest in how airlines are run. His own professional aviation career began nearly twenty years ago as a Senior Analyst at Continental Airlines. He held additional positions at Continental in network planning, revenue management, and labor analysis until he became Managing Director of Long Range Planning. In that role, he was responsible for the evaluation of strategic initiatives related to the airline’s network and fleet. 

In 2010, Kevin became the Managing Director of Charters for United Airlines. He was responsible for all aspects of the carrier’s charter portfolio, which includes flying for nearly half of the teams in the National Football League and over 25 “Power Five” NCAA Athletic Programs. It was under Kevin’s leadership that United’s charter business grew by nearly 200 percent. 

Getting personal...

As a proud Texan, hospitality is extremely important to Kevin. He aims to bring a sense of hospitality and personality to everything he does, whether it’s coaching his son’s football team or meeting with clients.

Kevin graduated from Baylor University where he earned degrees in Environmental Sciences and Business. 

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