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David LeCompte


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About David...

CEO and part owner of the family-owned business, David LeCompte graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and subsequently pursued a master’s degree from the University of Iowa. After launching his business career in sales with a prominent healthcare corporation, David joined STM in 1995 as Executive Vice President. Four years later he was named President and later promoted to CEO in 2007.

David relishes the challenge of finding new and better solutions to operational bottlenecks and business roadblocks. He has been the architect behind many of the company’s technological breakthroughs. David has been the driving force and inspiration, which has seen the company grow from $25 million to $305 million since 1995. He keeps STM ahead of the competition by prioritizing innovation and technology development, including a unique open search solution, an online booking tool developed maintained in-house, meeting registration and event management tools, and a multitude of proprietary travel dashboards to help provide the best travel experience.


Getting personal...

David is a fitness fanatic and enjoys spending time outdoors. Living in Whitefish, MT is a perfect fit for both of those passions. In the summer months, he enjoys lengthy hikes around Glacier National Park, gravel and mountain bike riding and in the winter months, you will find him skinning up the ski mountain as well as skiing down. A few times a year, he takes his camper out in the wilderness and communes with nature. Of course, even with all that natural beauty around him, he still manages to fit in CrossFit several times a week.

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