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Ryan Dohmen

President - STM Charters

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About Ryan...

As president of STM Charters, Ryan oversees a team that annually coordinates and fulfills thousands of air charters. Ryan graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with a B.S. in Aviation Management and pursued a career as a professional pilot. After working as a corporate pilot for three years flying multiple types of business aircraft, Ryan moved into a sales role at STM for the newly created Sports and Event Logistics department. In 2007, Ryan was asked to start and lead STM Charters, which would provide air charter consultation services to clients with a focus on collegiate athletics. Using his knowledge and passion for aircraft, Ryan was able to grow STM Charters from scratch to a $85M company in 2019. Ryan’s focus has always been on the highest levels of customer service, integrity and a commitment to constant improvement. Ryan’s committed to providing exclusive partnerships and transparent pricing for our client’s air charter needs.

Getting personal...

When he’s not thinking about aircraft (his favorite is the SR71 Blackbird), Ryan enjoys the great outdoors of Montana. He particularly loves hiking, skiing, and golfing, and traveling with his kids to lacrosse tournaments. 

Ryan holds a B.S. in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. 

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