Not only do we provide our clients with the reports they need, but we offer the intelligence behind it to improve the efficiency of travel programs, benefiting both the company and the traveler. We provide our clients with access to their data through Grasp Reporting, as well as our own proprietary reporting solution.



The data on demand, real-time, web-based management reporting tool includes over 25 standard reports and 30+ dashboard reports.  Its standard reporting package includes reports that can identify spend by category, vendor, department and traveler as specified for airlines, rental cars and hotel bookings. All reports can be filtered, provide drill down capabilities, and can be sent in the client's format of choice, as well as by their preference of frequency. The tool also includes a quick report writer for custom report requests. 



Short's also provides a myriad of dashboard reports that can be customized by individual user for a quick snapshot of travel data, all available within a few clicks, identifying opportunities for improved efficiencies and the ability to identify cost savings. The dashboards and our standard reports also offer the ability to drill down, sort and filter data within the report.  

Reporting was one of the deciding factors when we went with Short’s.
— Dan V., CFO, Higher Education Client