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STM Travel News - June 2020

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

June 19, 2020

STM Initiatives Launched

We want to share an update on the initiatives we announced in our May newsletter regarding two system upgrades, Travelport's Smartpoint 9.0 and Southwest content in the GDS. Learn more about the launch of these initiatives. More

STM Appoints a New COO

STM announced that it has added Gia Shannon as Chief Operations Officer. Gia previously held a consulting position with STM and began her new role as COO in mid-June. She brings new insight to operations with 25 years of experience specializing in customer service and execution. Learn more about Gia on her LinkedIn profile. More

COVID-19 Resources

In light of COVID-19, STM has created a resource page on our main website. The information on this page will assist in making informed decisions when booking travel during this volatile time. More

Interactive world map shows COVID-19 travel restrictions for each country

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) published an interactive COVID19 travel regulations map. The information on the map is correct to the best of IATA's knowledge at the time of publication and is being reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis by IATA's staff. More

TSA Updates

The Transportation Security Administration is implementing changes to its security screening process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. TSA has already started implementing the changes, but will continue to implement them at airports nationwide by mid-June. Travelers should expect the following. More


American Airlines to Resume More Than Half of Domestic Schedule in July

American Airlines plans to restore its systemwide schedule to 40 percent of its capacity levels compared with a year prior, including operating more than half of its usual domestic schedule, for July and August. More

Concur Plots Road Ahead with Booking Tool Rebuild

SAP Concur continues to hold a dominant position in the corporate booking and expense management vertical, but the company is facing increased challenges from other players seeking to carve out market share by emphasizing user experience, customization and access to a full range of content, including NDC. More

United Introduces Health Assessment to Check-In Process

United Airlines has added a health self-assessment for passengers during the check-in process. More

Delta Extends Seating Caps Through the Summer

Delta Air Lines will maintain its capacity caps in place through Sept. 30, the carrier announced Wednesday. The current seating limits include blocking all middle seats and capping seating at 60 percent in its economy and premium economy cabins, 50 percent in First Class cabins and 75 percent in Delta One cabins. More

Airlines Will Tap New Tech in These Uncertain Times to Make It Easier to Change Restricted Tickets

American, British Airways, Delta, Singapore Airlines, and more than 60 other airlines will adopt on June 7 a process for re-issuing tickets that will make it easier for them to override existing fare rules and waive change fees. The new industry-wide automated solution will help address nonrefundable tickets travelers bought before the crisis but that travelers now want to voluntarily change. More

How to road trip safely during a pandemic: Tips for navigating rest stops, gas stations and hotels

This summer, road trippers will need to do more planning and preparation than they might have done in the past. Here are seven tips to help you stay safe and reduce your risk of getting sick off and on the road. More

Traveling again? Leisure and business travelers share tips to stay safe from coronavirus

With stay-at-home orders being lifted, those who travel frequently for business or pleasure are mapping their own strategies on items and procedures they'll need to stay safe at airports, on planes, in hotels or just trying to get from place to place. More

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