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STM Travel News - August 2020

August 20, 2020

STM Travel Update - Pre-Trip Approval

There has been a lot of industry buzz regarding Pre-Trip Approval within the travel industry in light of the pandemic.

At STM, we have pre-trip approval capabilities available for clients today as an additional precaution with the return to travel. This functionality can be configured to specific goals and expenditure expectations. More

Introducing Erin Holst, Director of Account Management

Short’s Travel Management is pleased to announce, this week Erin Holst has joined our leadership team as Director of Account Management. She will assume leadership of the Account Management team as well as work across departments to strengthen our client relationships.

Erin began her career in travel over twelve years ago at Short’s Travel Management and spent the last three years working for a competitor as a Manager of Client Consulting Services. More

Southwest Airlines' Corp Travel Biz: A Year On, Down But Not Out

Southwest Airlines launched a dedicated corporate travel unit called Southwest Business in August last year.

The division took on extra account managers, set up a partner desk and signed new deals with distribution and ticketing technology companies; overall, a statement of intent it took corporate travel seriously.

Six months later, however, it was derailed by coronavirus. But one year on, its vice president is optimistic, as some of its refund solutions could become permanent features for customers, and help speed up recovery. At its launch last year, the carrier also predicted extra revenue of up to $20 million for the second half of 2020. More

Uber for Business Integrates with Return-to-Work App ServiceNow

Companies are looking for alternatives to public transportation, particularly in urban areas, as they plan return-to-work scenarios during the Covid-19 pandemic. With business travel largely sidelined for now, Uber for Business is looking to fill the worker commuting gap via a partnership with ServiceNow. More

An inside look at how Hilton is cleaning hotel rooms between guests

Travel companies are rapidly adapting to meet health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. While North American cruising remains almost completely shut down, airlines have implemented new cleaning procedures and social distancing policies. Even vacation rental platforms are promoting enhanced cleaning protocols, including buffer periods between stays.

It should come as no surprise then that hotels have also rolled out new standards and protocols to combat the spread of the virus. After all, hotel rooms welcome countless guests and have dozens of touchpoints, from faucets to light switches to TV remotes and more, that could act as spreaders of disease. More

Google announces new features for safe travel

Google has announced new features that will help users to make informed travel choices amidst the Covid-19 restrictions.

Under this, you will find information about travel resuming in specific destinations on Google Search. The percentage of open hotels with availability and flights operating in the region will be provided, based on Google flights and hotel data from the previous week. More

Traveling during coronavirus: How to get through airport security faster – and safer

If you're flying somewhere this summer, you have a good reason to get through airport security faster. A life-or-death reason even.

"Airports are major hubs for pandemic viral spreading," says Yang Cai, a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. "It is critical to avoid packed areas with restrictions of space capacity."

As a result, passengers are doing everything they can to avoid standing in long security lines, even as the Transportation Security Administration has implemented new screening rules. More

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