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Internal Agent Process Initiatives

May 15, 2020

What’s Happening?

With the COVID-19 Pandemic bringing travel to a near standstill, we are remaining focused on the traveler at STM. We have taken advantage of this slower-time to improve processes throughout every department at STM to benefit our efficiency, our team and in-turn, our clients.

What are we Doing?

The below are initiatives STM has invested in with two supplier partners, to improve our internal agent processes, which will greatly improve the overall travel experience for our clients.


Will be implemented across all of our agent platforms mid-June to improve our agent processes with more robust hotel options and access to enhanced content within the Global Distribution System (GDS).


This was introduced on May 4th and we are aligning with our conversion to Smartpoint 9.0 to have content accessible to our clients.

Key Benefits

  • Access to full content including exclusive fares you can’t find on competing GDSs

  • Simplify agent workflow by NOT having to go to Southwest directly online or via phone

  • Allows agents to shop, price, book fares in the same platform as other major carriers

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