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Airport Passage

Itinerary Concierge

With COVID-19 impacting travel daily, STM has developed a NEW Itinerary Concierge alert program you can easily enroll in to assist travelers as they maneuver through the new travel environment and help avoid issues when traveling.

Customer Service

Within 24-48 hours of travel, a concierge will research your travel environment and gather up to date pertinent information to provide a level of reassurance for travelers. An “Important Updates Regarding Your Upcoming Travel” email from will be sent to the traveler with travel details including destination, airline, lodging and transportation. This alert will give current information on everchanging guidelines, safety measures and quarantines to help avoid disruptions before, during and after travel.

Sample Email:


For more information, please contact your account manager or and they can assist with any questions and get you enrolled in our NEW program.

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