Innovation in Travel Payments with CSI GlobalVCard

In partnership with Short’s Travel, CSI GlobalVCard brings the most important elements of virtual travel payments together on one platform . CSI’s virtual payment solution ensures employee compliance with corporate travel management policies utilizing secure methods for all air, hotel, and car rental needs. Find out more with Cindy Lewis from CSI GlobalVCard as she shows us  ingenious solutions to address common travel booking concerns.

Transforming your Corporate Travel Ground Program with Lyft

Lyft Business offers travel, commute, event, and courtesy ride solutions that provide customers with the tools they need to reduce cost, save time, and streamline their transportation programs. Find out more with Sam Plunkett from Lyft as he will walk us through how 1000s of travel managers and their travelers leverage Lyft to transform their corporate travel ground program.

A Look into Lodging with Airbnb for Business - A Complimentary Webinar

Airbnb is revolutionizing travel with its trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world - but how does it work within a managed travel program? With insight from Airbnb's Nigel Da Costa, we will learn more about the misconceptions, ways to incorporate in travel policy, & how to partner with this highly sought after traveler experience.